We help businesses acquire and understand customers.

NewHound makes mobile marketing work. We go beyond clicks by delivering real, meaningful phone calls from local customers. From simple set-up to proven results with the easiest interface.

Customizable mobile site

A business website built that looks great on mobile devices and tablets, and expands to desktop web browsers. We've used hundreds of hours of using testing to make sites that get results. In comparison studies, our platform delivered calls to businesses at over twice the marketplace average.

Phone call analytics

Analytics on the results that matter to a local business. We use a unique call tracking number for each of our clients to intelligently attribute calls delivered by the NewHound platform, and we record the calls so you can evaluate each lead's contribution to your return on investment.

Small-business centric

Our solution is designed to be the simplest, easiest to use platform for small businesses. Our mobile app allows subscribers to edit their mobile website as easy as updating their Facebook page. And call recordings can be played right from their phones.

Our Team Philosophy

We believe our customers deserve a product that delivers on what we promise, and we want the opportunity to continue to invest in the sector of America that has created 65% of new jobs since 1995.

The NewHound team is deeply passionate about helping businesses with local customers thrive in the digital-marketing era. We are husbands, children, friends and neighbors of independent business owners. We believe in the power of local businesses to provide unique benefits to their customers and to improve economies. We want to make it easy for small businesses to thrive as technology evolves, and we seek to deliver sleek and simple end to end solutions to help businesses grow by acquiring and understanding new customers.


"[The NewHound product] automates the process of creating mobile websites for business owners and then drives customers to those sites."

Inc. Magazine

Become a NewHound Partner

Grow your own bottom line and make your clients' campaigns more successful by joining the NewHound Partner Program.

What do you get by being a partner?

  • Incremental revenue from selling a new product offering to your clients
  • A Partner Console for managing your NewHound business
  • A White Labeled App
  • Access to our amazing support team
  • Sales materials, and collaborative sessions to customize sales resources
  • Technology to fuel success for each new client you onboard:
    • A custom website for each client
    • A call tracking phone number for each client
    • Analytics for each customer including call recordings and direction clicks
    • A fully managed ad campaign

Email usto discuss how you can become a partner.

We're backed by some very smart people:

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